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            Xiangtan Yinhe New Energy Co., Ltd. is located in the national high-tech zone of Xiangtan City. It is a company that develops and produces high-energy cylindrical lithium iron phosphate power batteries (unit capacity 90Ah, energy density 160Wh/kg), electric vehicle drive system assembly, and charger station ,battery management system and high-tech enterprise of supporting products. The equipment has an annual capacity of 200 million watt-hours and has a number of national invention patents and utility model patents. The products are exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, the United States and other European and American countries and regions, and have obtained the EU "WVTA vehicle certification".

            Company philosophy

            Philosophy: Honesty, pragmatism, standardization, and win-win cooperation; business model: market-oriented, production-based, and quality as the backing!

            Business Scope

            R&D, production and sales of large-capacity cylindrical lithium iron phosphate power batteries and battery management systems, electric vehicle drive system assemblies, and charging station equipment.

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