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            Power Battery Module

            Cylindrical high-energy lithium iron phosphate power battery

            The battery technology is not only the key point but also the bottle neck of the new energy vehicle industrialization. KAM has obtained breakthroughs in the battery development. The battery performances have exceeded other type of Lithium power battery, and have broken the capacity limitation of traditional cylindrical battery. Cylindrical lithium power battery manufactured by KAM is featured with high safety, large capacity, high energy ratio, significant low temperature performance and small internal resistance。 ★High safety: The design of the structure with all tabs leads to balance the current thermal field per unit area of ??the plate, solves the problem of internal heat dissipation of the lithium battery, and greatly improves the safety of the battery. The battery module adopts a high-sealing explosion-proof, flame-retardant, waterproof and dust-proof aluminum alloy battery box and an active balanced battery management system to ensure that the battery pack is completely free of flammable, explosive, and deformable safety issues during use and charging. It can be used with confidence. ★Large capacity and high energy density: The single battery capacity specification is 90Ah/3.2V, the energy density ratio reaches 160Wh/kg, and the volume ratio is 10-20% higher than that of ordinary batteries. For example, a 10-12 meter electric bus needs to store more than 200-250KW.h of electric energy. If a traditional battery solution is adopted, it needs to use thousands or even tens of thousands of battery cells in series and parallel to be used, which leads to the reliability of the battery. Significant decline in sex. However, the use of high-power and large-capacity lithium iron phosphate power batteries only needs to combine about a thousand monomers, and its reliability has been significantly improved compared with the former. ★High charging and discharging rate: The world’s advanced laser end-face welding technology and reversible safety valve structure are adopted. The internal battery pole pieces are in the form of full tabs, and the current collector area is maximized. The heat generation of the battery during charging and discharging is similar to that of ordinary stacks. Compared with the chip power battery, it is reduced by about 60-70%. ★Long service life: In order to ensure the performance and service life of the battery, the battery must be equipped with a patented airtight explosion-proof flame-retardant constant temperature aluminum alloy battery box and an active balanced BMS battery management system, 90% DoD charging and discharging, and a single battery life of about 2000 After forming the whole vehicle battery module, the service life is about 1500 cycles. ★Strong low-temperature performance: With the national patented battery compartment temperature adjustment structure design, it can release more than 90% of the capacity at room temperature in an environment of -20°C. In the actual operation of the vehicle, the ambient temperature will be between minus-20°C and 40°C as the season changes. The temperature adjustment system can control the temperature change range of the battery compartment between 0-30°C, thereby significantly improving the battery Performance and service life.

            Rated Capacity90AhNominal Voltage3.2V
            Inter resistance≤0.5mΩMax Charging Voltage3.65V
            Standard Charge and Discharge current45AMax Charging Current180A
            DIscharge Termination Voltafe2.5VWor temperature ang humidityCharge:-20~45℃/65±20%RH
            Storage Environment Humidity-10~45℃/65±20%RHLong-term Storage Environment Humidity0~40℃/65±20%RH
            Humidity Characteristics

            55℃≥99% Rated Capacity

            0℃≥90% Initial Capacity

            -20℃≥70% Initial Capacity
            Cycle life(20℃)2000 cycles capacity retention rate 80% 2000&20℃.

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