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            Drive System

            Water Cooling Motor Controller

            KAM has rich experience of nearly 10 years on development and improvements of drive system for electric vehicles. So far, KAM has developed a complete new motor controller which can be used for controlling both permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor, the maximum output power is up to 240kW. This motor controller is compatible for the vehicles vary from 10meter to 18meter buses including double-desk buses. This system has been in production with die-casting mold and already be the standard product,no need to make any changes except software upgrades. With highly integrated design and convenient and fast installation, which only one box with all above functions, ,it’s definitely a convenient product for after-sale service in future.

            INTEGRATED MOTOR CONTROLLER(Water Cooling)

            For low voltage system(346V)

            Operating SystemS5Cooling ModeWater Cooling
            Rated Capacity(KVA)90Maximum Capacity(KVA)160
            Rated Input Voltage(V)346Rated Input Current(A)250
            Rated Output Voltage(V)3Φ220Rated Output Current(A)250
            Peak Output Frequency(HZ)400Peak Output Current(A)750
            Control Power(V)22~28VDCDimensions (mm)530*395*246
            Degree of ProtectionIP65Weight(Kg)30
            Over voltage protection(V)400Over Current Protection(A)850
            Under voltage protection(V)280Overheat Protection(℃)75

            For high voltage system(580V)

            Operating SystemS5Cooling ModeWater Cooling
            Rated Capacity(KVA)130Maximum Capacity(KVA)260
            Rated Input Voltage(V)576Rated Input Current(A)250
            Rated Output Voltage(V)3Φ380Rated Output Current(A)300
            Peak Output Frequency(HZ)400Peak Output Current(A)700
            Control Power(V)22~28VDCDimensions (mm)580*403*132
            Degree of ProtectionIP65Weight(Kg)30
            Over voltage protection(V)700Over Current Protection(A)800
            Under voltage protection(V)450Overheat Protection(℃)65

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