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            KAM CCS 75kW Charger

            The electric vehicle DC charging integrated machine designed by KAM is mainly used for fast charging of electric vehicles. The product can be installed outdoors, with a waterproof and dustproof design. The protection level is IP54. This product combines the charging interface, human-computer interaction interface, and charger , Communication, billing and other components are integrated into one, adopting modular design, with the characteristics of convenient installation and debugging, simple operation and maintenance.

            Maximum output power75KWPower FactorHz45 — 55Hz
            Input voltage range260V-530Vac(Line voltage)AC input systemA135A
            Output voltage range250-750VdcOutput voltage adjustment rangeRated input, rated load≥0.98
            Output current115AOutput current range3W+N+PE three-phase five-wire system
            AC input voltage range260-530VacInput undervoltage protection point255±5Vac
            Rated AC input voltage380VacInput overvoltage protection point535±5Vac
            AC input frequency range45-55HzHardware overvoltage protection point635Vdc
            AC maximum input current135AFailsafeOutput over current protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection

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