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            Mayor Mrs. Zhang Yinchun visited our company for investigation

            Mayor Zhang Yingchun visited our company for investigation

            2021-03-16 13:56:00 CDing 278

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            Mayor Zhang Yingchun visited YHkam

            On July 22, Zhang Yingchun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, came to the Xiangtan High-tech Zone to visit and investigate smart manufacturing companies, to understand the company's situation, listen to the voice of the company, and solve problems for company development. Leaders of the High-tech Zone Li Jianhua and Peng Qiuliang participated in the survey.

            After getting to know the relevant situation of the company, the mayor and his group paid a visit to our company and gave on-site guidance to our company's production workshop and manufacturing. During the visit, Mayor Zhang Yingchun had a cordial meeting with the senior leaders of our company. During the meeting, he emphasized that we must fully implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping at the entrepreneur symposium, and do everything possible to protect market players. , To fully stimulate the vitality of market players, create a good environment for the healthy and sustainable development of intelligent manufacturing enterprises represented by our company, and promote enterprises to play a greater role and achieve greater development.

            Have a cordial meeting with the senior leaders of our comp

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