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            Congratulationsfor obtaining 12 more patent certificates

            Congratulations to our company for obtaining 12 more patent certificates

            2021-03-16 12:57:38 CDing 25

            Congratulations to our company-Xiangtan Yinhe New Energy Co., Ltd. for obtaining the authorization of 12 new patents from the State Intellectual Property Office in 2020, and successively obtaining relevant patent certificates from August of the same year to January 2021.


            In recent years, the company has focused on increasing investment in scientific research and technology, actively carrying out technological innovation, and improving independent innovation capabilities. It has applied for and obtained a number of utility model patents and other invention patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office before 2018.

            In order to maintain a leading position in technology and form a continuous innovation mechanism, the company’s leadership announced in the first half of 2019 to expand the company’s technology research and development and intellectual property planning, improve the company’s independent intellectual property protection system, and apply corresponding patents and software to all product requirements under research. Application planning, patent search runs through the entire process of product development and production, effectively avoiding infringement risks, and enhancing product protection and market competitiveness.

            Based on this, the R&D personnel of our company from 2019 to 2020 gave full play to their enthusiasm and initiative in production and research and development, and respectively applied for "An Automatic Top Charger for Vehicles", "A Battery Filling Sealing Seal and Secondary Battery", and "One A two-way active balanced BMS circuit and its control method" "Battery Cycle Tester and Its Testing Method" 4 invention patents, "a two-way active balanced BMS circuit and its control method" and 8 utility model patents, and 2 Item YHKAM (Yinhe New Energy Abbreviation) copyright. Among them: 2 invention patents, 2 soft works and 8 utility model patents have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office after they have passed the prescribed procedures. They have obtained the patent certificate authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, which has realized the company's good growth momentum in technological innovation!

            At present, the patent achievements of the above-mentioned patents have been applied to the company's products, forming a new battery electric control system supporting product, which has produced high practical value and won unanimous praise from customers. It is not only the crystallization of the hard work of our company's product technology research and development department, but also the manifestation of our company's focus on technological innovation in recent years. The successful application of this batch of patents also once again demonstrated the R&D strength of our key personnel, which plays an important role in the company's sustainable development and brand establishment, and marks our company has taken another solid step on the road of innovation and development.

            The acquisition of this patent not only brings industrial benefits to the company, but also further stimulates the subjective initiative of technical personnel to carry out innovative work, and enhances the awareness of intellectual property creation, use and protection of all employees.

            Our company will also adhere to the road of technological innovation, urge the technical research and development team to continue to innovate, strengthen the summary and refinement of technical results, vigorously promote intellectual property work, improve and optimize the company’s product performance, increase product technology content and customer satisfaction, in order to develop more Better new products continue to create value for users and make substantial contributions to the new energy industry in Xiangtan City!

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